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Pricing and Fees

The following fees apply to the assisted selling services provided by ReThread

Commission charges for sold items

Based on the final sales price. When we sell your item, we charge a commission of 65% of the final sale price upto £50 and 25% on the rest, subject to any returns, refunds or claims. Sales price excludes any postage paid by the buyer. The commission will be deducted from the total item sales price due to you.

Transaction costs for sold items

A simplification of the actual costs incurred if you had sold it yourself. Includes eBay listing and final value fees, Paypal fees, Promotion costs and VAT. Charged on sale. Where buyers are refunded, transaction fees are not refunded but there is no charge made for refund processing and return postage costs.

Transaction fees: £1.67 + 18.35%

Return and Withdrawal fees

Free Rejected Item Returns. Items of clothing which we reject for sale on initial assessment will be returned to you free of charge

£5 per item withdrawn. Where you request a withdrawal of a listed item, there is a withdrawal fee of £5 (inclusive of postage) for each item. Withdrawal will only be possible if no sale has yet been agreed with a buyer.

If funds are not available in your account then withdrawal requests will only be valid when accompanied by payment of withdrawal fees


This page last updated 23/06/2022